All German Motorsports (AGM) Suspension Spring Sliders

All German Motorsports (AGM) Suspension Spring Sliders
The AGM slider is like nothing on the market today; specifically designed for the brutal demands imposed by modern off-road vehicles. The AGM slider provides its user with the strength and support of an aluminum slider while still allowing the smooth non-destructive operation of a molded slider. This is accomplished through the use of a precision fit insert, made of a proprietary blend of the finest materials and a 6061 hard anodized 2-piece outer housing. In total the AGM slider will hold suspension springs truer to each other and their respective coil carrier body. There by preventing the contact that inevitably occurs when an O.E.M. slider prematurely wears, deforms or breaks allowing the springs to deflect and hit the coil carrier body, causing damage to both.
The AGM slider insert is made of a proprietary blend of materials which provides our insert with the lubricity needed to allow smooth operation of the slider without damaging the coil carrier body as well as the strength needed for the insert to keep its shape without distorting or cracking. These features make the AGM slider the best performing and longest lasting slider on the market today!
Qty of 1 = 1 Shock
Fox & King Shocks Available