The Love Affair with Fast Off Road Cars Begins.

Way  back in 1975, a family from El Cajon, California, began a love affair with the desert and with off road racing. As a hobby to bring the family together, Jim Julson and his son Mike built their first off road race car. They began watching and studying other cars, and were able to identify ways to improve upon the previous generations of off road race cars.  

Whether it was simple weight reduction, mass producing cars to use the A-Arm suspension system, making steering and other  suspension upgrades, or following trends, taking what was working on one class of car and applying them to other classes, the Julsons were able to innovate and build cars that continually improved performance and more importantly, they won races and championships.  

Innovation & Awards.

Last month SCORE awarded Jimco Racing its 21st consecutive Chassis Builder of the Year Award. An acknowledgement fueled by innovation.  Jimco has been able to build cars that win races for 21 straight years.

As we enter into 2016, Jimco keeps working to improve and stay on top of its game.


This graphic shows the evolution of Jimco Racing cars over the years from 1975 to 2016.  The fact that Jimco has continued building the highest performing cars is no surprise.  What it introduces in its next generation of cars in the first quarter of 2016, however, may very well come as a surprise.

Current Projects

 Until we’re ready to share this next generation of car, take a look at some of the projects Jimco currently has in the works.

Jimco Baja Bug for Gay Smith

                Jimco Baja Bug Being Built for Gay Smith          Jimco Baja Bug Being Built for GSR Racing

Jimco Baja Bug – Customer: Gay Smith @ GSR Racing, Debut: Norra 1000

Jimco RZR #2 "Turbo Charged " being built for Wayne Matlock

Jimco RZR #2 "Turbo Charged"                 Jimco RZR #2 "Turbo Charged " Being Built for Terrabit Racing

Jimco RZR #2 "Turbo Charged " - Customer: Wayne Matlock Terrabit Racing; Set to debut at the UTV world championships in February, 2016

Jimco Single Seat Class 10

           Jimco Single Seat Class 10 Being Built for Johnny Buss            Jimco Single Seat Class 10 Being Built for Buss Sports

Jimco Single Seat Class 10 -  Customer: Johnny Buss. Buss Sports; Debut: The Mint 400


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