Since 1975 Jimco Racing has been leading the world in off-road vehicle design and fabrication. We design and fabricate custom vehicles that compete globally. In Baja California, Mexico and the deserts of the Southwestern United States are where the first Jimco cars ran. Today, nearly 45 years later, our vehicles are all over the world. The most dominant racers in Australia run Jimco racecars. Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South America round out the list of the spots on the globe where Jimco-built vehicles compete. The knowledge we gain from the proving grounds of competition is applied to each vehicle build and fabrication job going forward. We design vehicles and parts from concept to final production using the most advanced technology available today. Simply put, we build the best off-road vehicles and parts on the planet. Bring us your design & fabrication challenges and let us show you what 40+ years of knowledge and experience can do. 

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Jimco Trophy Truck CAD Drawing      Jimco Plasma Table Off-Road Vehicle Builder