Jimco Luxury Pre-Runner

For the ultimate Pre-Runner nothing tops this supercar made for the dirt. High levels of customization and impeccable attention to detail are key aspects. Performance and style work in harmony to deliver the best driving experience.

Jimco Luxury Pre-Runners are truly works of art. Designed from the ground up to excel in the most extreme off-road terrain, they surround the pilot with the luxury of premium amenities. From supercharged dual air conditioners, to custom leather seats, and the most user-friendly modern technology in GPS tracking and vehicle performance management, Jimco pre-runners are considered the supercars of off-road. We have been hand building championship off-road race vehicles since 1975, and are highly regarded for their durability and obsessive detail to fit and finish.

Vehicle Specs

 Chassis Jimco “Victory” Pre-Runner chassis
Transmission 4 Speed Turbo 400 by Gearworks
Wheels KMC Beadlock Wheels
Wheel Travel 26″ Front 32″ Rear
Suspension Fox 3.0 inch coilover shocks
Steering Jimco/Howe Steering Box
Engine Custom 650 horsepower Chevy small block engine
Tires 40 inch BFGoodrich KR3 Race Tires
Brakes Brembo
Body Jimco 2018 Ford Raptor
Seats Impact Custom Leather HS1 Seats
Nets Impact restraints with QSR Adjusters