Jimco Class 10

“The Jimco class 10 car is the result of nearly 40 years in the making combining the dominance of the Jimco 2000 series car with the Aussie Special and adding a touch of the Dakar Rally resulting in a dominant presence on the track. We took the best of three forms of racing to make a lightweight agile rocket ship that all it wants to do is stand on top of the podium at the end of the day."

Vehicle Specs

Transmission    5 or 6 Speed Sequential Gear Box: Clutch
Wheelbase 121″
Track Width 86″
Wheel Travel 18″ Front 20″ Rear
Suspension Full Bypass Technology Racing Shocks
Engine Mid or Rear Configuration: 4 cyl Eco Tech
Steering Rack & Pinion Steering with Full Power Assist
Fuel Cell 30 to 40 Gallons
Tires 33″ or 35″ Tall Racing Tires on 15″ Wheels
Brakes 4 Piston Racing Calipers
Body Fiberglass Body with Custom Aluminum Interior
Carbon Fiber Parts Available
Seats Single or Two Seat: Shell or Suspension
Nets & Belts MasterCraft Safety