Jimco History Vintage Jimco Buggy

The first Jimco chassis was a class 9, 1200cc single seat car for both father and son to campaign. With what was at first just another race team quickly became more. With the sleek lines of the car and the success on the race track, Jimco soon had a following of both good drivers and talented fabricators and mechanics. 

In 1992 Score International presented Jimco Racing with its first Score Chassis Builder of the Year Award.

In 1994 Jimco released the first manufactured front a-arm suspension car. This line of cars took the sport by storm and changed off road technology forever. As the wins and number of clients increased, Jimco looked for ways to stay in the lead so to speak. 

In 1998 The Jimco 2000 was introduced with more upright seating, advanced steering and suspension upgrades, not to mention the stylish fiberglass body. They were very well received with a dozen orders before the first car ever raced.

By the year 2000 with victories in unlimited an limited classes, as well as championships to back them up, the word around racing circles was you needed a Jimco to win.

In 2002 Jimco continued to perfect the popular 2000 car with wider cockpits, bulkhead style shock mounts and billet spindles. It also was the year that company president Mike Julson and driving partner Bob Lofton set a record in class one with 6 victories including the Baja 1000.

In 2003 came one of the most significant moves Jimco has ever made. Contracted by the Volkswagen race team and Stephan Henrard, Jimco built the Dakar Special. A mid-engine off road rally car built to FIA specifications/ many of successful teams followed suit such as John Luis Schlesser, Philippe Gache, and Schrek Motorsports and in 2004 Jimco produced its first turn key version with full body for newcomer Ronn Bailey.

2004 saw Jimco continue to step up their popular 2000 series with new chassis and fuel cell design to allow for more ground clearance. Shock technology also has made huge steps in suspension set-ups that have made for an incredible ride.

Also in 2004 Second Generation drivers Matt Loiodice and Justin Lofton claimed the Best in the Desert class 1000 championship, winning the Parker 400, Vegas 200 and Henderson 300. 

In 2005 Jimco has introduced its first trophy truck, with the engine in the front and live rear end utilizing a sequential 4 speed transmission. Also featuring Fox 4.5 bypass shocks with Chevy or Ford body packages. Jimco Racing Inc. also moved into their new 16,000 square foot shop and race facility to accommodate their ever increasing demands. They now employ a full time parts manager, office manager, 3 preparation and finish mechanics, as well as 10 full time fabricators.

In 2007, with the release of the Champion Series race cars and the two new Trophy Trucks, plus the ever growing Dakar and Australian projects, business was brisk as ever and JIMCO enjoyed its biggest year ever.

In 2008 things defiantly did not slow down. Jimco won yet another SCORE Chassis Builder of the year award. The Newly Released Jimco Champion Series Lived up to its name with Charlie McDowell and McDowell Motorsports racing there Jimco prepped and maintained class 1 car to the Best in the Desert Championship earning them selves the King of the Desert Title. Jimco also continued to build more trophy trucks!

In 2009 Jimco took another bold move into the short course racing arena, building 4 new competitive pro-lite trucks.

In 2010 Jimco continued its winning ways by claiming there first wins in the Trophy Truck and Pro-Lite divisions. Steve Appleton in his Jimco maintained Champion class 1 car won both coveted Mexico races, the Baja 500 & Baja 1000 along with being crowned Best in the Deserts Grand Champion. 

In 2011 Jimco’s continued their domination in the desert. Rob MaCachren won both Score San Felipe races Overall, Steve Strobel claimed his first Trophy Truck and Overall Win in the BITD Vegas to Reno race. Sergio Salgado won the class 10 Score Championship, Rafael Navarro claimed the Score class 12 championship. Kyle Conlon took the Snore class 1 Championship, Dave Fellows won the AORC Championship and Steve Appleton won the BITD “Triple Crown”, winning the Grand Championship, Class 1 Championship, along with the King of the Desert crown. Jimco also won there record setting 18th Score Chassis Builder of the Year award (17 in a row)

In 2012 the Jimco Champion continues to live up to its name by winning the Score Class 1 Championship with Brian and Cody Parkhouse and the HDRA Class 1 Championship by Mike Mitchell. Matt Hanson in his Jimco Class 1 Special took the Australian Off Road Championship Overall. Young Gun’s Luke McMillin and Justin Smith swept the 3 Score Mexico Races in Class 1 and Jimco won its 19th Score Chassis Builder of the Year Award.

In 2013 Jason Voss became only the 2nd driver (1st Steve Appleton) to win all 3 of Best in the Desert’s top awards; Grand Points Champion, Class Champion (Trick Truck) and the King of the Desert (fastest avg MPH). Brian & Cody Parkhouse continued to show why their class 1 car is named “The Champion” by winning their 2nd straight Score Championship. Young Guns Brad Wilson and Kyle Quinn took their brand new class 10 car and won the Score Championship and Baja 1000. Shannon & Ian Rentsch returned to championship form by taking the #1 plate in the AORC series. Jimco won its 20th Score Chassis Builder of the Year Award. 

2014 is already off to a quick start for Jimco in the international off road scene, Jean Luis Schlesser has won his 6th Africa Eco Race in his Jimco Rally Raid Car. Patrick Sireyjol win the T1 Class 3 in the Dakar Rally.  With already 2 prestigious wins in the first 2 weeks of 2014, the year promises to be a great season for Jimco and its race teams.