Jimco Proves Superior in the Southern Hemisphere with Outright Wins, in both the AORC and ARB Series

Finke Outright Winner

Glenn Owen is a well-versed off road racer, who was racing Finke for his 6th time. His previous best at the customary there-and-back race was a 2nd place outright finish in 1995. Owen greeted the race weekend with brand new Jimco Aussie Special, and he was determined to win.
When prologue was completed, Owen was one in a mob of seven Jimco drivers in the Top-10. He landed in the 4th starting position, just one-second behind Jimco mate Mark Burrows. On day-1, Owen and  his co-rider Mathew Ryan drove the #30 consistently from check-point to check-point; until the last 49km and then drove that machine unleashed with the gate open during, clocking an almost unfathomable 25-minute and 34-second split from Mount Squires to Finke. Glen Owen ended his voyage to Finke first on the clock, a full minute plus some ahead of Jimco mate Mark Burrows. Even more impressive; Glen Owen’s 2016 Jimco beat the top finishing trophy truck on Day-1 by 23-seconds.
The walloping against the field continued into Day-2, as Glen Owen enjoyed near perfect weather for a pleasant Sunday drive; a pleasant drive that dropped jaws across social media upon seeing his day-2 finish time being 1-hour, 46-minutes and 50-seconds… more than enough to capture the outright title.
In a post-race interview, Owen was asked if he came to Finke expecting to win, his answer: “Yes we did.” He explained that the team aimed high with a “proper crack at the race while everything is still fresh in the new car.” It’s hard to say expectations were exceeded when one was expecting a win, however, that #30 Jimco was not only awarded as the trusty-steed to bring Owen the outright win, but crowned Owen the prestigious title of “King of the Desert” for recording the fastest time.

Glenn Owen

Travis Robinson

Jack Rhodes         Gregory Hicks

Congratulations to all of the Jimco finishers of Finke!
1st – #30 Glenn Owen
2nd – #13 Travis Robinson
6th – #91 Jack Rhodes
7th – #47 Gregory Hicks

2nd – #120 Justin Watt
4th – #155 Locky Weir
8th – #187 Craig Anderson

4th – #401 Steven Sanderson
6th – #492 David Fellows

Locky Weir
         David Fellows
The winning continued with another Jimco outright, over in the Western Victoria region of Australia, at the MLB Sea Lake Mallee Rally 450.
Brad Chasemore enthusiastically finished as the outright winner, in his #10 single-seat Jimco which was manufactured before the popular Jimco2000 racecars from the late-1990s. “Woohoo! What a feeling!” Brad shouted as he savored his podium moment, “After watching this race as a kid and years of competing at this great event, WOW!”
Chasemore, who soloed the event, conjured up a 3rd position spot in prologue, giving him a shallow tunnel to plow to that top spot. He consistently aced the course with 41-minute lap times, and was in the first physical position after the third lap. That third lap, of 40-minutes and 34-seconds, is the fastest recorded lap time of the entire Sea Lake event.
Brad expressed gratitude to a long list of supporters, including many Jimco teams, stating, “The off road family is pretty special,” and additionally, thanked his wife and children for “putting up with [his] addiction [to racing].”
Brad Chasemore
Congratulations to all the Jimco finishers of Sea Lake!
1st – #10 Brad Chasemore
5th – #48 Jamie Robinson

6th – #178 Lindsay Foster
7th – #173 Jason Noonan

Jimco's 2016 score card