First Place Qualifier

Jason Voss is First to Cross the Finish Line of “The Great American Race”

67-Unlimited competitors participated in the qualifying time trails of The Mint 400 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and 66-Unlimited drivers would finish behind the blue Jimco trick truck of Jason Voss. He reminded all the race fans why his truck wears the #1 plate as he dominated the 5-mile qualifying course.
The qualifying course would serve as a foreshadowing of race day; rocks of all contrast, whoops that launch 1000s of pounds into the air, thick silt, and of course high-speed sections where off road race cars can really flex their horse power.

Justin Lofton     Mint 400 Finisher Anthony Terzo

Steve Stobel   

Voss had the luxury of starting first and starting alone, while the rest of the field had adrenaline-filled side-by-side starts. The #1 Jimco trick truck was smooth through the first lap, Voss was first physical and first on the clock by about 19-seconds. A flat tire around the mid-point of lap-2 would graciously hand over the lead to another competitor. The virtual leader boards would scatter trick truck placement, and it was difficult to determine who was actually leading the race on time, at any given check point. By lap-3 however, Voss had clearly retaken the physical lead, and was the first driver to maneuver his machine to the checkered flag.
As more trick trucks finished the race, and the finishing times became official, Jason Voss would finish second overall. He was just 44-seconds shy of Hall-of-Fame driver Rob MacCachren’s finishing time.

Mint 400 Finisher Ross Mattox

Mint 400 Finisher Al Torres     Mint 400 Finisher Sam Berri

Jimco proudly presents their Mint 400 Finishers:

Trick Truck
Jason Voss
Anthony Terzo
Billy Wilson

1500 Class
Ross Mattox
Sam Berri
Al Torres

1000 Class
Shane Earn
Blade Hildebrand

5000 Class
Bill Gereghty

Mint 400 Finisher Shane Earn     Mint 400 Finisher Blade Hildebrand
Jimco Rzr     Spitfire Racing

Ray Griffith

Jimco Rzr     Jimco 2011

Bill Gereghty

Travis Robinson Goes Wire-to-Wire at the Perenjori 360

The Western Australian Off Road Racing Association opened their series with a hot and dusty prologue with 38-competitiors. Travis Robinson, in his #13 Jimco PRO, was awarded the top starting position after an impressive prologue, 22-seconds quicker than the nearest racer. From there, Robinson took to the sections of the day with ease, enjoying some light showers over parts of the course. Day-2 brought another perfect day of racing for Robinson, giving him the highest outright position by almost a full 12-minutes from the second outright finisher, and over 20-minutes over the next finisher of the Pro class.