Voss Motorsports Overall Winner of the 2013 Best in the Desert Parker 425









Jimco race cars dominate the unlimited classes at this years Best in the Desert season opener, in Parker Arizona. Jason Voss, in his #35 Jimco Trick Truck, took the class 1400 and overall victory by over 6 minutes; while Steve Strobel and Dale Ebberts finished 4th in the #94 Jimco Trick Truck. Corey Keysar claimed his first class 1500 victory in his Jimco Champion Series class 1 car. Keysar and navigator John Armas beat out the Jimco Champion of Cody Parkhouse by 7 minutes.

Jimco Results: Congratulations to all the finishers

1st Overall – Jason Voss

Trick Truck
1st Jason Voss
4th Steve Strobel
8th Gary Magness
20th Troy Vest

Class 1500
1st Corey Keysar
2nd Brian/Cody Parkhouse
6th Justin Lofton
9th Randy Wilson
12th Doug Silcock
15th Chuck Hovey
16th Ray Griffith
17th Eric Jacobs

Class 1000
3rd Brad Wilson
9th Kamren Woodward

 Wilson Motorsports debuted their Jimco class 1000 car. Driven by 2nd generation off road racers Brad Wilson and Kyle Quinn.  They had a clean run in their maiden voyage and finished 3rd out of 42 starters.