Corey Keysar is victorious in his Jimco Champion Series class 1500 car

Keysar Dominates Parker… Again

Corey Keysar hangs on to win his 3rd Parker event in 4 years, leading a talented group of Jimco drivers, that claimed four other spots of the top-10 finishers in class 1500.

Class 1500 Results

1st Corey Keysar
3rd Pat McCarthy
4th Brent Parkhouse
5th Charley McDowell
9th Kevin Thompson


Jason Coleman leads the field of Jimco class 10 cars with a solid 2nd place finish to start his campaign for the 2016 championship title.

Class 1000 Results
2nd – Jason Coleman
6th – Reuben Wood
7th – Shane Earn
11th – Jeff Callaghan
12th – Fred Hatch
Trick Truck Results
4th – Jason Voss
18th Scott Schovajsa
19th Troy Vest
20th Justin Summers
Justin Lofton returned in his #41 Jimco Trick Truck, but during his top-5 run, converter issues would sidelined Lofton on the 3rd-lap.
Jimco Racing, Inc. is looking ahead to the next big events: The UTV World Championships on February 20th which includes 2015 UTV phenomenon Wayne Matlock who looks to debut his new Jimco Turbo Charged Polaris RZR. Additionally, the first race of the SCORE season: the San Felipe 250 on February 27th. Look for complete Jimco Racing recaps in the coming weeks of these, and all other races.