Baja1000 Champs

277 vehicles registered to battle the incomparable topography of Baja California, Mexico. Drivers, co-drivers, riders, co-riders, navigators, team managers, chase crews, and race fans, were all dispersed through-out the 854.5 mile race course. Some had the goal of just finishing the race under the 36-hour allotted time, others were motivated to win… all would become part of SCORE’s season finale, the Baja 1000.

Wilson Motorsports

The Wilson Motorsport’s Team consists of many off-road veterans who are wise to the thoroughfares of desert territories. They have been within reach of winning the Baja 1000 in previous years, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they were never able to claim the winning title… until now.
A Quarter century ago, Ronny Wilson set a personal goal to finish 1st-in-class, that long-time ambition has finally been rewarded. When the 2000-series Class-1 Jimco took the podium, happiness and excitement was captured through snaps on Instagram; showing ear-to-ear grins and crew members embracing each other, almost is disbelief that this was indeed real life. A flood of congratulations broke through on social media, and the news trickled out that Ronny Wilson with Brian Wilson, and the Wilson Motorsports team, had won the Baja 1000. Ronny humbly thanked the families, crews, sponsors and fans for “always believing in us.”
Brad Wilson and co-driver Kyle Quinn, also in a Jimco Class-1, finished 4th in the class but were only filled with positive things to say. Thankful to finish this race, thankful for completing every mile of every SCORE race, and already expressing anxiousness for the start of the 2017 season.

Congratulations to the #138, the #153, and the entire Wilson Motorsports affiliated, on an incredible run during the 2016 race season!

Spitfire Racing

Additionally, Jimco would like to proudly congratulate the brand new #277 Spec Trophy Truck of Rod Lewis and Spitfire Racing, on their Class win. The Texas team isn’t brand new to racing, but they were recently interested in becoming more competitive in the sport. Drawn to the integrity of Jimco Racing, Inc., the Spitfire team joined the Jimco 6100-truck fleet.
There is no doubt that Rod and the Spitfire team will leave their mark on future podiums, after jockeying a truck with only 30-test miles on it to a Baja 1000 victory. Of the new truck, the Spitfire team broadcasted on Facebook: “What an amazing machine from Jimco, we couldn’t be happier in our new Spec Trophy Truck.”


Billy Wilson     Torres

Brad Wilson

Cody Parkhouse     Car 140

Car 147     Sergio Salgado

Baja 1000 Spec TT Champions     Spec tt 201