Brad Wilson

Jimco’s Multi-Podium Finishes Add to Series Points Lead

“Wild Bill,” driver as nicknamed by fans of the #15 Jimco Trophy Truck, and Brad Wilson, driver of the #153 Jimco Class-10, had similar mentalities coming into the Rosarito Desert Challenge: Billy Wilson “just want[ed] to finish” and “not push too hard.” Brad Wilson described his desire to be “conservative.” The result? Both finished 2nd place in their respective classes… and both hold the points lead in their respective classes, heading into the final race of SCORE’s 2016 race series, the 50th running of the Baja 1000.

This no-chase, 4-lap, 32.1 mile loop race started at sea level and jolted to 2000 feet above, in a relatively short distance. The terrain was dusty, rocky, steep, fast, silty and technical… depending on where the racers were at any given moment on the race course. A flat tire on day-1 for Wild Bill did not shake his determination for points, as he still managed to come into the half-way finish 3rd in class. That #15 was a blue bullet piercing through the clots of dirt on Day-2, reported as “having that Jimco dialed,” and as the final lap came to an end, the Bevly-Wilson team celebrated a win on the day.
The #45 Jimco Trophy Truck of Gary Magness survived the course finishing 4th in class, and the Mango Racing team is looking to be the dark house of the points championship heading into the Baja 1000. The simple statement of “… We don’t give up,” on Mango Racing’s Facebook page was posted after their Rosarito adventure, and are sure to be words that reverberate through the remainder of their race season.

Point Leader Billy Wilson       Mango Racing

Brad Wilson finished his Class-1 4th overall and 2nd on the class podium. He credited his “all star team” for the combined 2-day effort, and recognized his Dad, Jimco Class-1 driver Ronny Wilson, as leading for a good portion of the first day. The #138 of Ronny Wilson encountered some mechanical misfortune, and after having two strong SCORE series finishes, was unable to bring his car to the end of the road in Rosarito. However, because Ronny had winning consistency, he established a decent points lead, and he sits in second place for series points. His son Brad now sits as the leader for series points. The Wilson’s will have a Father-Son 1000-mile showdown in November to determine who will get to brag about the points championship around the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Brad Wilson

Ronny Wilson

Jimco race vehicles made many class appearances in Rosarito including:

Russ Buehler in the orange #201 Trophy Spec truck, who finished 4th after 4-loops.
Class-10 drivers Armando Boehme and Sergio Salgado, finishing 4th and 5th in class.

Jimco 114 Jimco Spec Truck

Sergio Salgado Armando Boehme

One of the most popular drivers in the SCORElite class is Gustavo Pinuelas in his unforgettable green #1204 Jimco. With almost 4000 Facebook fans, Gustavo’s page was flooded with congratulatory outbursts and 100s of “likes” over winning photos shared by the #1204 team.

Also, SCORElite finisher Miguel Bonita clocked into the 4th spot with his Jimco.

Gustavo Pinuelas

Jimco SCORElite