The Best In the Desert Bluewater Resort Parker 425 in Arizona USA is fast approaching now for the SMU Racing Team as they look forward to returning to the northern hemisphere race.

The SNAP SMU Racing Jimco has returned to its birthplace in Santee just out of San Diego to Jimco Racing who are making a few small changes to the car for US compliance before it hits the track for qualifying on 30 January. Jimco Racing will be supporting the team in the big US race. The team are excited about the event which will be a new experience for the Australian based off road team.

It will be driver Matt Hanson’s 100th competitive race and a race that the team hopes to finish, in what is considered one of the world’s most grueling events at just under 700 continuous kilometres with pit stops in the team’s own time.

The team fly out on 25 January with a small contingent of ten leaving for first stop Los Angeles. Stay tuned over the coming weeks for some an in depth look at team preparation for the big event including live YouTube updates from the US.

The SMU Racing team would like to thank Racer Imports who have been fundamental in ensuring the important cargo has landed in the US safely and helping the team prepare for the US event.