Vehicle Specs

Fastball Spec TT which was finished in November of 2018 it has raced 5 races on it, it completed every mile of every SCORE race in 2019. After the 2019 Baja 1000 because of the unrelenting rain during the race the truck was completely disassembled down to the chassis sand blasted and Steel-It coated and then completely rebuilt including a new engine, fresh trans and new Brembo Brake system. This truck has the best of everything.
Vehicle Name 2019 Jimco Spec TT
Date Completed Nov-18
Chassis Spec TT
Weight 5,100 lbs
Wheel Base 125”
Track Width 92”
Plumbing Brown and Miller Hose and Fittings
Transmission Turbo 400 by Gearworks
Driveline JE Reel Drive Shaft
Gearworks 5.83 Diff. Strange Axles and Drive Flanges
Brakes Alcon TT calipers, Alcon master cylinders
Brembo Trophy Truck Calipers
Motor Dougan’s SCORE Spec LS3
C&R Radiator and Oil Cooler
Fuel Cell 80
Tires 40” BFG KR3
Wheels 17” Trail Ready
Paint/ Graphics Signpros
Dodger Blue
Body Jimco 2018 Ford Raptor
Front Suspension 26” Wheel Travel, Fox Shocks
Rear Suspension 32” Wheel Travel, Fox
James Lin
Motec Electronics and Chassis Harness by Wirefab
Lights Baja Designs LED
Nav Lowrance HDS7 & HDS12 GPS
Kenwood 50w Radio, PCI Intercom
Seats Impact HS1 Seats
Impact Safety Harness and Window Nets
Price $350,000