Jimco Justin Lofton Trophy Truck

The top of the food chain in off-road race vehicles. Our TT has been developed through many years of racing. With an 850+ hp engine, over two feet of wheel travel in the front and nearly three feet in the rear, no other four wheel vehicle can travel as fast as a TT over rough terrain.

Vehicle Specs

Transmission Fortin FRST5 Speed Sequential
Wheelbase 125″
Track Width
Wheel Travel Front: 26″Rear: 32″
Suspension 4.0 Front and 4.4 Rear Full Bypass Technology
Rear End 4 Link
Steering Steering box
Jack System Optional: AGM or HOWE

39" Tall Tires on 17" Wheels - 2 Spare Tires


Alcon or Brembo Brake System

Body Ford Raptor Custom Fiberglass
Shell Style
Nets & Belts
MasterCraft Safety
Motor Chevy or Ford V8