XRP Power Steering Hose - Jimco Racing Inc
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XRP Power Steering Hose: Black

This premium quality power steering hose from XRP is made of synthetic rubber tube, polyester inner braid with single wire braid reinforcement and polyester braid cover. Operating temperature is between -55 ̊F and +300 ̊F (except air +250 ̊F). Suitable for many applications: air, gasoline, fuel and lubricants, over-the-wall air tools, etc.

Each quantity signifies 1 foot.

Part A-N Size Max Operating PSI Burst Pressure PSI Weight ft./lbs. Min. Bend Radius
XRP-519006 6 2250 PSI 9000 PSI 0.230 4.00"
XRP-519008 8 2000 PSI 8000 PSI 0.260 4.62"
XRP-519010 10 1750 PSI 7000 PSI 0.370 5.50"