The New Jimco “Dragon” 4 Wheel Drive Trophy Truck

Jimco is proud to announce the launch of the new “Dragon” 4 Wheel drive Trophy Truck platform. An evolution of the Gen 3 Jimco “Maximus”, the “Dragon” moves to utilize the benefits of the extreme acceleration and grip that the 4 wheel drive platform is known for. Part Trophy Truck, part rally car, the “Dragon” features a specifically engineered CAD verified chassis design with a wheelbase of 125” and a track width of 93” to maximize horsepower to the ground giving the driver unrivaled acceleration.

The “Dragon” drivetrain features the perfectly matched duo of the Xtrac 5 speed wide cluster sequential transmission with integral transfer case matched to an Xtrac Spool Type CTR Torque Split front diff. A massive Dougans Custom 555ci Big Block 8 Stack V8 Engine Package pushes out 1050 hp with 850 ft-lbs of torque. All of this is achieved while still maintaining 24 inches of travel in the front and 32 inches of travel in the rear. The “Dragon” defines the new pinnacle of off-road racing performance.



Gregg Curtis:

Can someone please send me a direct email contact so I can send photos of what I’m looking to have made for my truck?

Nov 24, 2021

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