44thBaja 1000: Premiere for our AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck  

On Friday the 18th November around midday the moment of truth arrives: the 44th Baja 1000 takes off. We head off from the Mexican city of Ensenada to Baja California for the first time with our brand new AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck.



With assistance from our technology partners, we have created quite a radical Trophy Truck, which weighs almost 800 kilos less than our opponents and is a rather agile vehicle. This coming Sunday I fly to the USA. When then conduct two days of pre-run for the Baja 1000, which this year runs over a 693 mile loop through the desert with the start and finish in Ensenada. On Wednesday we have the chance again go out and test our monster. This is a very welcome opportunity because technologically we are still in the very early stages.



With this in mind, we’ve put together our strategy for the race: It is going to be the first really tough major test for our Trophy Truck. I’ll do the start and the first half before Martin takes over. We start as the 19th Trophy Truck out of 34. So we’ll be in the middle of it all. Even though we know virtually the entire route from last year and the year before, we’ll be easy on the throttle this year. First we want to look at how all the components cope. We will position a team member every 70, 80 miles so they can assist with any technical hiccups.



A brief summary of our launch in Germany on 11/12 October: The event was a resounding success. We had 100 members of the media and representatives of our partners attending. Around 40 people grabbed the chance to experience 700 horsepower in action in the co-driver seat. The Trophy Truck ran without any problems, and even the handling was really good with its very preliminary set-up. There was just one tiny thing: The engine was so loud that we couldn’t understand a word evin in the intercom. So Remus immediately leapt into action and are building another exhaust.



Sal Fish, the boss of the SCORE race series honoured us with his visit in Leipzig. He said, “This Trophy Truck marks the beginning of a new technical era.”  

But first up, everyone at All German Motorsports will be pleased when we begin this new era by reaching the finish with our AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck.
 Keep your fingers crossed!

Best regards, Armin


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