After building championship off road race cars since 1975. Jimco Racing, the 21-time SCORE Chassis Builder of the Year award winner has always been able to help its hard core off road racing car customer prep an maintain their cars with parts that Jimco bought and built with.

Because Jimco is always building new cars, it’s always sitting on a lot of parts inventory.  For many years, only custom car customers knew that in addition to building custom cars, that it also sold car parts.  Recently, owner Mike Julson had been asked to sell parts to fans and to the general public with an online store.  Jimco says that it will bow sell the same parts that have been race tested and proven by Jimco and its championship racers.  In doing so, it can pass along the discounted buying power it has established with its parts suppliers.

Julson says “after buying parts for the better part of 40 years, we’ve established some really great relationships with parts companies, many located right here in the San Diego area.  As an industry leader, we want to help these companies do well.  We also know that there are a lot of recreational fans and enthusiasts who want to  know what Jimco uses to build its championship race cars and who want to buy the same parts.  Because of our purchasing power, we can pass along some savings they might not be able to realize from other parts companies.”  For instance Jimco is already the largest dealer of XRP plumbing parts in all of Southern California.  Even other local builders come to Jimco when they need plumbing parts.  “If we can help our suppliers grow and help our fans save some money at the same time, it’s win-win for everybody.”

Jimco has an impressive social media following with over 13,000 Facebook fans and over 7,000 Instagram followers.  In reaching out to these fans and followers, Jimco recently learned that many of these people are deeply interested to learn how Jimco maintains its industry leadership and can continue to be a champion builder year after year.  To answer some of the questions these fans have, Jimco is launching a new email newsletter the company is calling “The Champion’s Corner – Off Rod Racing Trends & News from Jimco.”  The company plans to send out regular ASK JIMCO requests to its social media fans and followers and will answer many of these questions in the newsletter.  If the first newsletter is any indication, the questions will come from a variety of folks, from spectators and fans who want to break into the business as builders and fabricators, to other veteran builders and race team crew members.

If you sign up to receive the Champion’s Corner, you will be sent a coupon code good for 10% off the already low prices at the Jimco Parts store.

If you are interested in asking a question of the employees at Jimco Racing, you may submit your question here.