“What would it take for me to build one of these cars?”

It’s a question we get quite often at Jimco Racing.  At the end of this email, you will find a chart with all of the different specs and components we used to build this Class 10 car for AFR Racing  out of Mexicali, CA.

75% of the parts we used are readily available at the Jimco Parts store.  Of course, you’d also have to hire your own crew of fabricators, buy some TIG welding equipment and find somebody with 40 years of experience in building off road race cars to guide you on what’s possible and what’s impossible.    And in this case, you’d need to splurge a little to get the carbon fiber body and advanced electronics.

Jimco state of the art class 10 off road race car for AFR Racing

Jimco Racing builds badass class 10 race car for AFR Racing















Jimco Racing is proud to announce its newest off road race car to join the family of the 21-time SCORE Chassis Builder of the Year Award winner, a Jimco Class 10 car built for AFR racing out of Mexicali. AFR commissioned Jimco to build a state of the art class 10 car that may set the standard for future 10 car builds.

Jimco class 10 car state of the art electronics

State of the art electronics includes no lift shifting and speed control















State of the art electronics by Life Racing Motorsport Electronics with no lift shift and speed control by Danzio Performance.

Jimco Racing's class 10 car with LED lights by Baja Designs

Baja Designs LEDs mounted on the front bumper and visor for maximum visibility.
















Baja Designs LED lights mounted on the front bumper and visor for maximum visibility in the harsh Baja night environment.

Danzio Ecotec engine

Jimco Racing’s new class 10 race car is powered by a Danzio GDI Ecotec engine

















Danzio GDI Ecotec engine supplies power through the Fortin 6 speed transmission and Tilton clutch.

Jimco A-arm with aluminum spindles

Jimco Racing’s signature A-arm with aluminum spindles
















Jimco’s signature A-arm suspension and aluminum spindles, with Fortin Hubs and Jamar brake Caliper all riding on BFG’s 35” Tall Baja T/A on Methods Purpose built class 10 wheel.


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Class 10 race car specs

Jimco Class 10 Specs

System/Component Manufacturer / Specs
Chassis Jimco Class 10
Suspension Jimco’s Boxed Lower & Upper A-Arm. Jimco Boxed Trailing Arms
Front Shocks -Coil Over – King 10” -2.0 with Remote Reservoir
-Bypass – King 12” 3.0, 5 Tube with Piggy Back Finned Reservoir
Rear Shocks -Coil Over – King 12” 2.0 with Remote Reservoir and Compression Adjuster
-Bypass – King 14” 3.5, 7 Tube with Piggy Back Finned Reservoir
Rod Ends FK Bearings
Hardware Racing Hardware by RPI
Plumbing -Brown and Miller Crimplines by Jimco Racing Inc
-Water Lines: Burns Stainless, Silicone Hose
Wheels Methods 15 x 4.5” Beadlock
Tires BFG Baja T/A KR2: 35x10.5R15
Steering Fortin 2.5 Rack and Pinion
Hubs Fortin Front and Rear Hubs
CV’s & Axles Fortin 934 35 Spline
Seats Sparco EVO2
Safety Impact Safety -Window Nets & Seat Belts
-LifeLine Fire Bottle: 2.25L Slim, Mechanical
Brakes Jamar 4-Piston Calipers
Engine Danzio GDI EcoTec Engine
Transmission Fortin 6 Speed Sequential Transmission with Tilton Clutch
Fuel Cell Pyrotect with Drybreak fill system, 40 Gallon Capacity
Outer Body Zoom Factor Designed Jimco Class 10 Body in Full Carbon Fiber by Walker Industries
Inner Body Inner Body Panels by Scott Neth, Converterd to Carbon Fiber by Walker Industries
Dash Electronics Life Racing Dash Display, Lowrance GPS, Kenowood 50wat Radio, PCI Intercomm with DSP
Paint Clear Coat by Walker Industries
Components and specifications used to build Jimco Racing's state of the art class 10 car for AFR Racing.