Jimco Racing Team driver 1088 Luis Salgado

1088 Luis Salgado












Jimco drivers are champions.  They are men who overcome extreme adversity to achieve great results.  It helps that they drive the best off road race cars.  Mortal men would run from the idea of driving a car over 100 miles per hour for almost 24 hours straight across an unforgiving desert land.   Unless those men have the luxury of being able to drive a Jimco race car.

The Baja 1000 is considered the Granddaddy of off road racing for a reason.  The sport was practically invented in Baja in 1962 when two crazies on motorcycles  timed how long it took them to ride from Tijuana to La Paz…952 miles.  They did it in just under 40 hours.  Five years later, a race was born.  The 2015 race will be the 48th version.

For the 2015 Baja 1000, Jimco Racing is proud to be represented by some of the most fearless off road race car drivers – men who don’t like to slow down or back away from a challenge such as the Baja 1000:

153 Brian Wilson

Jimco Racing Team Driver 1053 Brian Wilson

153 Brian Wilson










147 Pat McCarthy

127 Cody Parkhouse

138 Randy Wilson

160 Victor Barreda

104 Rob Archibald

852 Russell Buehler

Jimco Racing Team driver 1088 Luis Salgado

1088 Luis Salgado

1042 Lars Ferry

1018 Miguel Tornel, Sr.

1210 Cesar Pinuelos Rivero

1209 Rafael Navarro

1971 Terry Hui

Jimco Racing Team Driver 1971 Terry Hui

1971 Terry










1501 Dean Acton

If you aren’t able to make it down to Baja this weekend, you can follow some of the action via livestream

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