Jimco Claims Global Wins in Australia & Baja Last Weekend

Macca Kittle

Matthew Kittle was awarded his first Pro/Outright win in his #23 Jimco, and says that he is, “looking forward to carrying this [podium] through to Finke.” Kittle was among 6 Jimco drivers; including Travis Robinson, Shannon Rentsch, Mark Burrows and Glen Owen, to qualify for the Sunraysia 600 in the Top-9. The race conditions were dry and blindingly dusty, and Kittle stated he “felt all 600km” of this 2-day endurance race. Finishing on the podium in 3rd place was Jack Rhodes, who qualified 3rd in his #91 Pro-Class Jimco.

Jack Rhodes

#21         Glen Owen

#13        #1

The 2015 AORC points champion came to the Sunraysia 600 with confidence. Steven Sanderson, and his “Green Beast” #401 Jimco Extreme 2WD Trophy Truck declared a class win, after a rough qualifying session. Sanderson had to gambit his way from the 42nd starting position with ambitions high and sirens loud. A live feed of the race showed the #401 growling passed the field, leaving an echo of awe in the dust behind him.Sanderson’s win marks back to back wins in Sunraysia and puts him in a great position to defend his title heading into Finke.

Steven Sanderson

The CODE Night Race brings an exciting challenge to racers every year, and a chance to prove their talent can shine without the sun. With light bars ready, 171 entries divided on separate tracks lit up the night in northern Baja.

With an outstretched finish of 6-minutes over 2nd place, Rene Cuevas takes his back-to-back overall win and 1st place class finish in his #7 Jimco.

Additional Jimco podium finishers from the CODE Night Race are Alberto Ritchie with the Class-10 win, and Renato Villalpando in 2nd place for the 1600-Class.

CODE night race         Rene Cuevas

Jimco Totals