Jimco Worldwide Domination

 On the weekend of June 7th three major off road races went down; the Baja 500, the Finke and the ARB Seal Lake Rally in Australia. Below is a list of Jimco race teams that dominated in their respective classes.


 SCORE Baja 500

Congratulation to Cody and Brian Parkhouse in the #100 Jimco Champion for winning the Score Baja 500, Wilson Motorsports for having all three of their Jimco cars in the top 5. Jason Voss for continuing his dominance of late in the #35 Trophy Truck and all other Jimco teams that finished the race.

 Class 1 Top Qualifier: Cody Parkhouse

Class 1: 1st Cody Parkhouse, 2nd Brian Wilson, 4th Ronny Wilson, 6th Andrew Myers, 7th Chuck Sacks

Trophy Truck: 2nd Jason Voss

Class 10; 5th Brad Wilson


 AORC Tatts Finke Desert Race

Congratulations to the father and son team with the #1 plate, Shannon and Ian Renstch for taking the outright victory. Jimco team’s swept the podium with Jack Rhodes taking 2nd and the Lucky 13 of Travis Robinson rounding out the top 3.

Overall Winner: Shannon Rentsch (Jimco Podium Sweep, 7 out of top 9)

Top Qualifier: Travis Robinson (2nd Shannon Rentsch, 3rd David Fellows, 4th Jack Rhodes)

Pro Buggy: 1st Shannon Rentsch, 2nd Jack Rhodes, 3rd Travis Robinson, 4th Matt Hanson, 5th Paul Gilbert, 6th Andrew Kittle, 7th Mark Burrows, 10th Daniel Curran

Prolite Buggy: 2nd Locky Weir,

Extreme 2wd (Trophy Truck): 3rd Steven Sanderson

ARB MBL Seal Lake Mallee Rally 350

Glenn Owen continues his dominance racking up his 2nd Outright victory of the year out of 2 races.

Overall Winner: Glenn Owen

Top Qualifier: Glenn Owen

Pro Buggy: 1st Glenn Owen, 3rd Danny Brown, 9th Brad Chasemore

Prolite Buggy: 4th Lindsay Foster