July 31, 2011 by Art Eugenio  

For the third time this year rookie class 1 driver Kyle Conlon took the top honors over some of desert racings best in the unlimited category.

“We finally got these cars figured out.” said Conlon., “When we first started in class 1 last year we had a few gremlins get us, but the guys over at Racer Services and our team have got these girls straightened out.” “Now I can just concentrate on driving.”

Kyle Conlon won both nights at the SNORE Midnight Special

“I want that #100 plate and we’re on track to get it in both SNORE and BITD.” “We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing.” “The course here was tight, dusty and rough; Cameron (co-dog) was on point calling out everything and I say the rougher the course the better.” “Cameron and I have been running together for a few years now, we took the 08 class 10 Championship in BITD with a near perfect season and I think we can do it again.”