SMU Racing (formerly Start me Up Racing) debuts their new 2011 Jimco at The Glenroy Plains Produce Enduro this weekend with just over a year of planning and building finally coming to fruition.

The Jimco will be powered by a twin turbo Nissan built by Shane Wilson Race Engines and has been prepared by Racer Imports and Shane Cottee Desert Prep.

The finishing touches are being added by Race Paint this week before hitting the track this weekend.

Matt Hanson driver for SMU Racing was looking forward to the new vehicle and getting to the track after inconsistent racing over the past two seasons.

“It is fantastic to get the new Jimco out and we are looking forward to getting some miles into the new car for the remainder of 2011. We haven’t driven the car as yet and will be treating Glenroy as a test session. We are fairly confident that most combinations on the car have been tested, so with a bit of luck, we can do some miles and finish some races out of the box” said Hanson.

“The team are mostly new faces and we are looking forward to get some racing in as well as a few laughs along the way. We are really aiming to finish a few races this year with a consistent 2012 the goal.”

When asked why the team name change to SMU, Hanson replied that Start Me Up was becoming a bit of a mouthful.

“The name change was put to the team and all decided that they liked SMU best. Navigator Leigh Wells likes it that much that it is believed he has tattooed the new SMU emblem onto his Adonis like torso” quipped Hanson. It seems car and torso will be unveiled at Glenroy this weekend!

Special thanks go to Racer Imports, Shane Wilson Race Engines, Race Paint, Shane Cottee Desert Prep and Jimco Racing in getting the car to the start line in it’s debut at Glenroy Plains.