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July 21, 2011
All German Motorsports
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All German Motorsports  The AGM-Jimco X6 Trophy Truck: Made for the Desert 
Escondido 7/21/11: We are very happy and proud to present the following press release to you! This was sent out to the international media just a few hours ago. Our AGM-Jimco X6 Trophy Truck is rapidly taking shape and we are looking at conducting the first test runs in August. It’s all very exciting for us….but read for yourself:

For months now the off-road scene has eagerly awaited the premiere of the AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck. Now it’s all a go! In late September the new desert monster will be presented in Germany, with which rally ace Armin Schwarz and the All German Motorsports team tackle the US SCORE Championship. Here are the first impressions and technical description of the vehicle for those who simply can’t wait any longer.  

Team boss Martin Christensen and his crew are working flat out round the clock on the new vehicle. All German Motorsports assembled the Trophy Truck in the USA in close collaboration with Jimco, the most experienced and best chassis manufacturer in the international off-road scene. Jimco is responsible for the chassis and the construction of the vehicle. TriStar Metals, a US subsidiary of Stammcut, supply premium quality material for the new frame under the X6 silhouette.

A real stunner – we all can’t wait to fire up the V8 for the first time

The design of the new Trophy Truck was developed in close cooperation with the creative team of Achim Stozrz. DESIGN STORZ based in Zell am See (Austria) developed the silhouette of the Trophy Truck with the body of the BMW X6 as an inspiration. The team found the greatest challenges in realizing the idea of this special shape while incorporating the technical features of a Trophy Truck.

 Another partner is Meziere Enterprises, a long-standing supporter of AGM that specializes in machined and lathed parts for racing. Team boss Christensen spent many nights with engineers from Meziere, developing calculations, drawings and CAD data. “There is an incredible amount of machined parts on the Trophy Truck. We rely on the lightweight construction–whether it’s aluminum, magnesium or titanium–that Meziere has made for us,” says Armin Schwarz. All carbon-fiber components on the vehicle, for instance the internal parts that are exposed to strong vibrations, are supplied by partner Lynx Composites.  

 With the suspension, All German Motorsports places its trust in partners Eibach and Fox. They equip the Trophy Truck not only with springs and shock absorbers, but also contribute to the planning. In conjunction with Eibach and Fox, team boss Christensen calculated what the suspension must withstand and provide taking the weight of the vehicle into consideration.  

The cockpit
The cockpit: on the dashboard the positions of the instruments are marked. Between the seats you can see the front mid engine and gearbox and the special AGM desert jack (red/blue cap)

 Powering the AGM-Jimco X6 Trophy Truck is a 725 hp V8 Danzio BMW engine. The filter system and the air ducting were set-up by K&N in Riverside, California. Partner Remus built an ultra-lightweight exhaust with a multi-flow 4-in-1 exhaust system. “This provides the unmistakable sound of the Trophy Truck. That’s exactly what our fans love to hear,” said Scwarz. Liqui Moly is the supplier of all lubricants which have been specifically developed for the hot, sandy and difficult conditions of off-road racing in the desert.  

 Fortin delivers the gearbox: A sequential shift automatic gearbox. “At the rear axle we worked with Drexler Motorsport for the first time. They are experts in the field of differentials. We selected a differential which gives us considerably better vehicle handling on the twisty and rolling tracks than a rigid drive,” explains Schwarz. “And as far as tires are concerned, we are sticking with our good and reliable partner, BF Goodrich. Their rubber is a must.”

All German Motorsports get all the safety systems, like the Recaro seats, the Schroth harness system, race wear, helmets and the Stand21 HANS system, as well as all the small parts like switches and so forth as well as our Method Wheels from our partner Off Road Warehouse (ORW). Exterior Soltek lighting system provided by Baja Designs.    

Weighs close to nothing, can take close the everything: the super rigid tubular frame made by Jimco. TriStar Metals, a US subsidiary of Stammcut, delivered the special steel tubes

 But it’s not just about hardware in the AGM-Jimco X6 SCORE Trophy Truck, it’s about the software. In conjunction with B&M Tricon, the team launched a development project. IT solutions were found that are intended to contribute to simplify and optimizing the set-up of the vehicle in the future.

 For August, All German Motorsports plan comparison tests with the new vehicle, which stands out from other Trophy Trucks through it’s low weight and substantially better aerodynamics. In September, the AGM-JIMCO X6 SCORE Trophy Truck will celebrate its public launch in Germany. As part of the presentation, new partners will be announced.  

Julson and Christensen
The men behind the project: Jimco’s Mike Julson (l.) and AGM boss Martin Christensen

“Our first race with the AGM-Jimco X6 Trophy Truck will be in November at the Baja 1000,” says Schwarz. “We’re regarding the Baja 1000 more as a test run and as a good preparation for the 2012 season in the US SCORE Off-road Championship. That’s when we want to secure our first wins.”

Tech Specs: AGM-Jimco X6 Trophy TruckChassis: Tubular frame, AGM-Jimco designBody: AGM/BMW- X6 carbon body

Total Weight: 2,200 kg (without fuel)

Engine: v8 Danzio- BMW special engine, 7.0-liters, 725 hp, 780 Nm torque

Engine Mounting: Meziere bulkhead for motor and aggregates like light flow-water and oil pumps

Exhaust: Remus multi-flow 4-in-1 sound system

Electronics: Motec engine and control electronics

Gearbox: Fortin 4-speed sequential automatic

Rear Axle: Drexler Motorsports variable limited split differential

Wheelbase: 314 cm

Wheel Travel Front: 80 cm

Wheel Travel rear: 100 cm

Shock Absorbers: 3.5 inch FOX Bypass- TT shocks

Springs: Eibach special off-road springs linear

Anti-roll Bars: AGM special anti-roll bars

Brakes: Alcon 355mm inner-vented discs/ 6 piston calipers

Rims: Method Off-road Racing rims, 17 inch, 6.5 x 17″

Tires: BFGoodrich KRT 37/13.5 x 17″

Suspension: Meziere special off-road, upright, suspension & hub

Seats: Recaro Profi SPA

Safety Equipment: Stand21 HANS system, Schroth harness, ORW Racing equipment

Special: AGM hydraulic jack, Soltec lights 

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