At the end of the first day of the Hunter Rivmaster Offroad Warialda 200 saw the Runamuk team of Buddy and Kerry Crowe leading with a total time of 21:29:11.

Terry Rose is positioned second by only 18 seconds with a time of 21:47:66 followed extremely closely by the crew of Chapman and Vial only 2 seconds behind with a time of 21:49:82. “Tomorrow’s another day. We’ve done less than 20% of the race so we’ll see what tomorrow brings” commented Chapman.

A worthy mention for Michael Spokes who had an exceptional run, from prologuing near rear of field to finish day one fourth outright and leading the ProLite class with a time of 21:49:86.

Alisha Crowe in her Sportsman buggy encountered problems with a puncture in the last heat of the day, but is hoping to make back some time in the heats to come tomorrow.

Day two commences at 8.30am with heat one consisting of three short laps followed by the start of the long course sections.

And Buddy Crowe’s comment about tomorrow is “Yeah, bring it on”.

Source: Fair Play Sporting Promotions